Hello Chick-Fil-A Operator & GM!

Our Team loves Chick-Fil-A, so we made this service page just for you. We have custom cleaning solutions specific to your facility.

Check out how we can serve you!

Clean & Healthy Playground Package 

Reducing  cross-contamination & the spread of illness!

Our Playground Process Includes:











The Benefits - Playground Cleaning

Sanitized playground

Dirt/grease eliminated 

Disinfected Floors

Allergens eliminated

Eco-friendly cleaning

Healthier for guests

Playground Package Cost: $345 per visit

Dining Room Furniture -  Steam Cleaning

Dining Chair or Table Cost: $5 each

Booth Fabric Back Cost: $10 each

Restroom Deep Cleaning - Sanitizing Package

  • Dust & cobweb removal (walls & vents).
  • Sanitizing wipe down of partition walls, doors, handles, counters, mirrors, dispensers, sinks, faucets, toilets, urinals and all other contact points.
  • Commercial grade vacuuming of floor.
  • Flat mop sanitizing of floor.
  • Deodorizing of restroom.

Service Package Cost: $125 per restroom

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Package

Check out our tile & grout page:  Click Here

Dining Tile Cleaning Cost: $495 per visit

Kitchen Tile Cleaning Cost: $695 per visit

Grout Line Color Sealing Services

Check out our grout color sealing:  Click Here

Dining Grout Color Sealing Cost: $2,500

Kitchen Grout Color Sealing Cost: $3,500

Daily Cleaning Services - Routine Package

This daily cleaning package includes:

Restroom Cleaning

Dining Area Floor Vacuuming

Kitchen Floor Degreasing

Dining Area Floor Sanitizing

Interior Windows Cleaned

High Dusting (corners/vents)

Playroom Floor Cleaning

Dining & Kitchen Tile Floor Deep Scrub (Once Monthly)

How Does Our Daily Cleaning Work?

  1. Your staff members can leave after CFA is closed. 

  2. Our staff will arrive Monday - Saturday after hours.

  3. We will securely enter your Chick-fil-A facility. 

  4. We will provide your CFA with the services listed above.

  5. We will use our own equipment, supplies & chemicals. 

  6. We will securely exit (lock facility/set alarm) your CFA.

  7. Your CFA facility is now clean and ready for business.

Service Package Cost: $195 per day

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